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WARINGIN Hospitality Hotel Group is a Hotel Management Company established and founded in 2010 as a part of WARINGIN GROUP who runs WARINGIN General Contractor and had extensive years of experience of developing high rise building and hotels in Indonesia from budget to mid-scale hotel segmentation.

WARINGIN Hospitality is the brand owner and operator of budget hotel under HOTEL 88, Economic segment hotel under LUMINOR HOTELS, mid-scale hotel under LUMINOR SIGNATURE and Up-scale hotel under LUMINOR SUITES. All those brands are aiming to cater the needs for both of our respective partners as well as our dearly Hotel guests. Imagined and managed by professional hands with hospitality DNA, have proving our way into become one of the best players in the business.
Hotel 88
Hotel 88

Hotel 88 is a hotel brand that was first established by Waringin Hospitality Hotel Group in 2010, strategically located at Jalan Mangga Besar Raya No.120, Central Jakarta. Originally known as a 2-star hotel with international standards, Hotel 88 has rapidly expanded and now also offers Hotel 88 with the quality of a 3-star hotel, becoming a preferred choice for travelers and business people.

With its unique concept of "Feeling at Home for Business," Hotel 88 offers a comfortable stay experience with captivating modern interior designs. Enjoy the complete range of facilities available, including a restaurant to tantalize your taste buds, meeting rooms for business needs, designated green areas for smokers, consistently connected free Wi-Fi, convenient elevators, refreshing hot showers, secure storage boxes for your valuable belongings, efficient laundry services, and room service to fulfill your needs. You also don't have to worry about parking space, as Hotel 88 provides ample parking facilities.

With 15 branch units located in various cities such as Jakarta, Bekasi, Bandung, Surabaya, Jember, and Banjarmasin, Hotel 88 is always committed to providing the best service to its guests. Experience an unforgettable stay at Hotel 88 and enjoy exceptional comfort and satisfaction.

Luminor Hotel
Luminor Hotel

Luminor Hotel is the second hotel brand proudly developed by Waringin Hospitality Hotel Group. With magnificent and aesthetic interior touches, Luminor Hotel offers an exceptional stay experience by blending the beauty of modern style with the richness of local culture. This hotel is dedicated to fulfilling the needs and desires of guests who seek an unforgettable sense of luxury.

Since its establishment in 2015 in Surabaya, Luminor Hotel has experienced rapid growth and now boasts 10 branches spread across major cities such as Jakarta, Purwokerto, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Jember, Banyuwangi, Tanjung Selor, Jambi, and Palembang. Each branch provides complete meeting rooms, luxurious ballrooms, calming spas, refreshing swimming pools, tantalizing restaurants, and various other facilities designed to meet all your needs.

During every moment of your stay at Luminor Hotel, you will receive professional and friendly service in a comfortable and elegant environment. Discover the wonders and charms of every corner of our hotel, and immerse yourself in the touch of local culture that creates an unforgettable experience.

Choose Luminor Hotel as your accommodation of choice and indulge in extraordinary luxury and beauty.

Manage by WH
Manage by WH

Waringin Hospitality Hotel Group has earned a solid reputation and unparalleled expertise in assisting hotel investors and developers in planning, building, opening, managing and operating hotel properties. To meet the needs of investors who want to work with Waringin Hospitality, we present the Manage By Waringin Hospitality brand. This brand gives investors the flexibility to choose a proprietary name that suits their preferences. With a wide selection of brands available, including 3-star hotels, resort hotels, and even hotel villas, Manage By Waringin Hospitality offers a variety of amazing hotel facilities.

For those of you who are looking for the perfect place to stay for a vacation with your family, choose Manage By Waringin Hospitality. We are present in various cities, including Bogor, Kediri, Bali, Gili Air Lombok, and Jambi, ensuring you have an attractive choice of destinations. In each of our hotels, you will find the best quality service, stunning facilities, and an unforgettable stay.